IEN is the Initiative of European Network Operators, the trade association representing the largest panEuropean telecommunications network operators in Germany. IEN members are committed to longterm investment made Germany, and thus share a common interest in fair investment conditions and in a level regulatory playing field in Germany as well as across EU Member States. Members include strong global players such as Vodafone Enterprise, Colt, Orange Business and Verizon.

While the need for a single competitive telecommunications market across Europe remains undoubted, much of the regulatory reform and effort has been focused on improving competition in the supply of services to residential consumers, particularly broadband. This focus has undoubtedly delivered results, however it has at times distracted attention from improving the competitive supply of business-to-business services, which arguably deliver greater economic benefits and efficiencies. A core difference between business and residential customers is their needs and approach to purchasing, particularly where they need to purchase services in multiple countries. Being panEuropean providers of broadband products and services to a no less multisited and multijurisdictional group of customers, IEN members are particularly dependent on business access products complying with international standards.

Based in central Berlin, IEN provides for reliable and stable relationships with key stakeholders in parliament and administration, at both working and senior level. IEN works with Germany’s national regulatory authority ‚Bundesnetzagentur‘ and the European Commission, to ensure telecommunication market reviews deliver best results for customers and competitors in Germany.


IEN and its members actively participate in the procedure of telecommunications legislation and regulation. A range of key comments and positions from the last years can be found below. For further information und positions please check our archive or do not hesitate to contact our Berlin office.


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IEN is an association to safeguard and improve working and economic conditions in line with Art 9 sec 3 GG. IEN is represented by its board members Dr. Jutta Merkt, Christian Weber and Dr. Andreas Peya, business address at IEN’s Berlin office.

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